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AWP with Looper+Pager

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 13.07.2008 19:49

Does anyone have experience with AWP pages containing Looper and Pager? My AWP pager works fine for data directly linked. However, code that runs in Row Display to pick up linked data or to reformat repeats from the page 1 items.

WB12 Debug for AWP only works for a few iterations and then stops displaying expressions.

Any suggestions?


After hours of testing with the new AWP debugger, it seems the problem is not the looper but the fact that there is a thumbnail control in the looper. I could not understand why all the server code was executing multiple times. This does cause the page to load very slowly and I think that is related to the second page showing the wrong thumbnail images on the second page (original problem).

I have page with thumbnail controls and that page executes the server code once for each thumbnail control.

However, the new AWP context functions work great.

von Jeff Graham - am 14.07.2008 14:57
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