WD15: How to update report page headers on break? Double pass reporting?

Startbeitrag von Michael Q am 08.03.2011 17:48

I've just spent a day trying to figure this out and I'm going in circles!

I have a simple report with a Page Header and a Break which starts a new page each time the chosen data changes.

But I want the Break Header info to show at the top of each page. So I put the content of the Break header into the page header. This works OK except when there is a break. The first page after the break shows the data from the previous break, not the current one. How can I "Read ahead" so that the header knows what's coming later down the page?

Is there a mechanism for double pass reporting?

Many thanks,


Hi Michael,

This is an imo odd behaviour in the report editor that we are faced with since Windev 5.
There's a code trick you can apply:
In the-post print of the break header:

In the pre print of the break footer:

You might wanna put anything that's in the page header in the break header too, since the page header will not be printed in between breaks. You can leave the page header empty.

Best regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 08.03.2011 20:07
Thanks Piet. I would never have figured this out myself. What a pity PCsoft haven't fixed this.

Can I assume that all reports are double pass by default because the page numbering "nn of nn pages" works by default?


von Michael Q - am 09.03.2011 10:58
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