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WD15: Report table header vertical position in break header

Startbeitrag von Michael Q am 09.03.2011 11:07

How can I set the vertical position of a report table header within its break?

If I resize the break header the table header moves erratically with it and tends to stick to the very bottom edge of the break (mostly!). But I need to position it higher than this. It won't allow me to drag it and there doesn't seem to be any place to input a vertical position.

Many thanks,


Hi Michael,

AFAIK, the break header will always stick to the bottom of the break (as it should, it's a table characteristic that the header should be connected to the top of the data area).

A workaround would be to leave out the table header (delete all header cells) and use static labels for each column.


von Piet van Zanten - am 10.03.2011 13:48
Thanks Piet, I found a workaround!

If you put a horizontal line (or I assume any other control) into the break header and then while the control is selected press Shift/Down Arrow, the control will move down slowly. When it gets to the bottom of the break header it will carry on down and cause the header to grow vertically, but the table header will stay in its position.

Its a fiddle, but in this way it is possible to have a table header which is not on the bottom of the break header.


von Michael Q - am 10.03.2011 13:58
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