Working with tables from different Databases in a Query

Startbeitrag von Michael am 13.03.2011 21:30

I'm using external tables (MS-SQL) in different DataBases. I would like to create a Query in WinDev using both Tables (from the different DataBases, in the same server). I know I could define a View (in the DataBase) but I would like to make the same in WinDev, using a Query.

However, it's not working because it seems it can not recognize tables from different DataBases (I always get an error saying that one of the "objects" can't be found). I tried defining in the Analysis using different connections for each table (i.e., each connection pointing to the right DataBase) and/or using the complete table name (for example, database_name.dbo.table_name). None of these configurations work.

Any idea?


Your best bet is the view.



von issah - am 13.03.2011 23:26

This should work, I just tested a query from another DB

sConsulta = "select * from MAS.dbo.faClientes"

Show us your code.

Andres Sanchez

von Andres Sanchez - am 15.03.2011 19:20
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