Best way to build online context sensitive help

Startbeitrag von issah am 16.07.2008 13:16


I am about half way through a new application and I don't want to complete it before I start my user help docs. Going through the WD help, I cant seem to find any systematic way of implementing context sensitive online help. I know its all there, its just that I dont know how best to start. I am also afraid of losing the work I have done if I have to re-generate the help file subsequently.

A simple guide as to where to start and what to read would be great.




Hi issah,

use Help & Manual. I have lost many time with the help system from Windev ( it was WD8 - maybe it is now better ). You can integrate Help & Manual in a windev application without problems.


von Christoph Erdmann - am 16.07.2008 13:57
Hi All,

Something else worth visiting is utilizing a Wiki. You install the wiki (ie MediaWiki ) on your web server which can be called with context calls which puts a person directly into a relative page.

you will need to develop a "help" class that you implement against the F1 key instead of using the windev dialog for help.

The benefits of using the centralized help system are pretty large.


von KenKnight - am 16.07.2008 14:14
I agree with Christoph.

I have been using Help and Manual for years now and it is very easy to use and I use it in WinDev without problems. Context sensitive help is super easy.

von Rich - am 16.07.2008 14:49
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