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How to make an exact copy of Internal Window

Startbeitrag von Kursat KONAK.pcs.crosspost am 16.07.2008 15:04

hello people. I'm trying to make exact copies of an internal window via copy & paste but it fails sadly. (Too time consuming to copy controls one by one..) I have Tab control on this internal window whenever i do a Select All (Ctrl + A) It selects the controls only on the current tab. Doeesnt copy the controls on the rest 7 tabs. So im forced to copy these controls tab by tab, then reorder, copy global definitions etc... And thinknig i need to make 20 copies of this or so, i am in need of a shorter way to accomplish this task. Btw, im gonna edit some areas in the internal windows,so its faster to make copies rather than to redesign. For some reason i cant just use "Copy And Paste" to make a copy with a new name....

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How about : Save as, and save with new name

von novica njagojevic - am 16.07.2008 15:25
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