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Translate an app to Brazilian Portuguese

Startbeitrag von Rich am 17.07.2008 16:38

I am considering adding an affiliate in Brazil to help sell my product.

The prospective affiliate asked if the app can be translated to Brazilian Portugese.

Any ideas?


Hi Rich, for translate messages you can use WDINT, but this doesn't solve the problem with edits, tables, reports, etc.. I think that in this case, you´ll have to translate one by one the captions...etc..

Marco - Brasil - São Paulo

von Marco Antonio - am 17.07.2008 23:50

Thanks, I thought that would be the case.

I have no idea how to proceed with this since the only language I know is English.

Thanks anyway,

von Rich - am 18.07.2008 13:20
To translate edits, tables, reports, etc.. use the other program, WDMSG.
But be careful in Portuguese the world are usually longer and you have to adjust the size of the captions and so on.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 18.07.2008 17:32
the WORLD is the same, the words are longer.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 18.07.2008 17:33
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