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How to blow past hAdd errors on duplicates

Startbeitrag von Glenn Rathke am 29.03.2011 00:12

I'm wanting to blow past any errors returning from hAdd due to duplicates. I don't need the duplicate records and want to skip the display of ALL error messages. I'e tried various forms of automatic error management, changing the error paramater, etc..

How can I do an hAdd and not display ANY error message? Using MSSQL


Hello Glenn

You can turn off duplicate checking with HSetDuplicates but I think this would allow duplicates to be created.
If you leave it on, you could manage the error with HErrorDuplicates which shoud allow you to trap the error and then ignore it.


von Al - am 29.03.2011 00:25
Hi Al,

Thanks for that. I'm thinking HErrorDuplicates is called after the HAdd, right? The problem is HAdd throws the ugly error message which I am trying to prevent.

von Glenn Rathke - am 29.03.2011 12:40
Turn off the automatic error management for the duplicates, check the HOnError function and manage the HErrorDuplicates in your code.
In the procedure used in the HOnError use RESULT OPCANCEL.


von Paulo Oliveira - am 29.03.2011 12:59
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