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Make table rows as link

Startbeitrag von Shrenik am 31.03.2011 09:24

I want to select particular row from the table and based on this I want to open another window(page), e.g. selection of one particular movie , I want to open its detail page...How it is possible in windev 15

i.e. I want to make all table rows to behave like link button...


Use open or openchild in the Row Selection section of code in the table.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 31.03.2011 09:43
It works but I want to open window after selection of particular row...
In OpenChild(Window_name), it also shows when button is clicked...and after selecting particular row it displays another window...

I had button which fills my table, and on click of the button , it displays another window as well as related data in my table

But I want to display another window after a selection of particular row and not when the buttton is clicked...

von Shrenik - am 31.03.2011 10:10
I think the row-selection is not the right place for your code.
There is also leftbutton-click, leftbutton-doubleclick and so on.

von Arie - am 31.03.2011 10:29
Yes, Arie is right. You can put the open/openchild in the section that best meets your needs.
If it's only for a particular row just put the open/openchild inside some conditional statement (like IF or so).

von Paulo Oliveira - am 31.03.2011 10:38
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