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How to secure Database Files

Startbeitrag von ASD am 07.04.2011 12:57


I want to know that how can we secure our database files

i.e. what is the procedure to lock our important database files ....

thanks & Regards,


HF Classic or HF/CS?
you want ot secure the db files against copy of the files or you want to secure the data inside the files?

von Paulo Oliveira - am 07.04.2011 14:40
Hi........Paulo Oliveira

I just to want to secure data in the file...

i.e. Just to limit the user to access the items stored in the db file

von ASD - am 08.04.2011 05:07

Why not encrypt the data? This is a standard feature of HyperFile SQL.

von Jimbo - am 08.04.2011 05:32

How to encrypt this data ?? Pls give some guidance...


von ASD - am 08.04.2011 08:06

it seems that the first thing you should do is RTFM, and in particular, read the tutorial and recode each of the examples coming with windev...

At that point, most of the questions you asked will have been answered and you will be able to ask other ones - much more precise ones ---

best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 08.04.2011 08:34


von ASD - am 08.04.2011 09:20
I've just tried to encrypt some datafiles with a 128 bit encryption for data, index and memo.
I've clicked on Validate.

When I generate the analysis the system did not ask for a password..

I use webdev 18.

I use only one connection.

The file on the server stays unprotected.

The procedure seems to be very simple. What could be gone wrone.


Willy Hermans

von willy hermans - am 17.03.2015 10:51
Hi Willy,

Synchronizing the structure and the data deployed (directly from the analysis) or WDmodfic does the job.


von Piet van Zanten - am 17.03.2015 16:27

There was something wrong with the OS on the server.

Re-installed from scratch.

Now it works properly.



von willy hermans - am 20.03.2015 13:01
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