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How do you bookmark a dynamic Webdev page ?

Startbeitrag von robert zhong am 21.07.2008 06:43

Hi, Webdev experts,

Is there a way to let user (browser) bookmark a normal dynamic page (not AWP without context page )?

thank you in advance
robert zhong


Hi Robert,

There is no way that I am aware of to allow the user to bookmark to a specific context address without using AWP.

I believe you can, however, emulate the ability to send a direct-page access bookmark by using a PageParameter from your initial project page. This way- you could have some parameter appended to the site address (page name, etc.) and then use that to display a specific page in the project initialization. Have a look at PageParameter in the help files for futher info.

Again, this is not a solution that would work for users as they navigated the site- but I have used it to send specific site page bookmarks for marketing emails, etc..



von M. Beaven - am 21.07.2008 14:21
Thank you Marc for clearing this up for me .
robert zhong

von robert zhong - am 21.07.2008 22:56
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