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[Webdev 16] Can I use HF Classic as the database for Webdev

Startbeitrag von Al am 11.04.2011 03:54

Hello All

We have an app that uses HFClassic and we have been asked to provide web access to display data and also to input some data. The bulk of the data would still be entered and displayed using the Windev app.

We have WB14 and have not developed anything using it but the doco talks about using HFClassic and then also discusses moving everything to HFClientServer
Our intention for this app would be to use WB16.

Can a Webdev16 app be developed using HFClassic and are there any downsides to using it instead of HF ClientServer?

At this point we do not want to switch it over to HF ClientServer.




Yes it can use HF-Classic and (as i know) there are no downsides..


von Jan de Bruin - am 11.04.2011 08:21
WebDev works fine with HF classic. You only have to be carefull with the permissions if you HF files are in one shared folder.
Depending on your web server (IIS, APACHE) the OS user used by WebDev is different.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 11.04.2011 09:07
Hello Jan and Paulo

Thanks for the information, it is reassuring to know I won't have to change.


von Al - am 11.04.2011 11:43
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