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HASP driver installation problem

Startbeitrag von Jan De Smet.pcs.crosspost am 15.04.2011 09:01

The notebook i have is a HP Pavilion DV7, Intel i7 with 8GB mem and 2x1TB diskspace.
Symptom was that when inserting the usbkey (delivered with the pc-soft software), I got a message that the hasp driver did not install correctly. This was accompagnied by several messages of which one said that the driver was not correctly signed and a signed version should be obtained with the vendor.

On an IT-forum on the internet I found this error message back linked to problems with inserting keys and cards.

It turns out that the "Intel Rapidstorage Technology Driver" is causing the problem.

Since I have an HP laptop I checked the support site with this and got the following solution: (Note that I have Toshiba hardrive)


---text extract from above link---
Error Messages Appear During Windows Update, When Inserting Card or Using Live Mail

Notebooks with the Western Digital high density hard drive, such as 1TB or 750GB, may display abnormal error messages if the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver (IRRT) is not updated. Examples of error messages include:
Windows requires a digitally signer driver . This message appears after inserting a media card into the 4 in 1 card reader for the first time.
Windows Live Mail could not be started . This message appears after launching Windows Live Mail.
Windows requires a digitally signer driver . This error message appears while installing 3G USB dongle.
An error message appear while running benchmark software such as PCMark Vantage or MobileMark 2007.
Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running... This error message appears while performing a Windows Update.
Download and Install the latest IRRT Driver

To resolve this issue, download and install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver

VERSION: SP47845 Instructions/Information SP47845 File Download
---end of text extract---

I did resore the laptop from it's recovery partition.
Installed this version of the Intel Rapidstorage Technology driver.
Installed the Sentinel hasp runtime setup from the Aladin site.
Inserted the key and it worked.
Also all other mentioned problems with drivers which should be signed and window update that does not work did dissapear.

I hope this will help others with similar problems

Message forwarded from pcsoft.us.windev


Hi Jan,

I presume this was a new version install? ...what version 15 or 16?

von DarrenF - am 15.04.2011 12:11

[WD18] - Re: HASP driver installation problem

Hello Jan,

Funny, today I purchased a new tablet laptop which has a SSD and the Intel Rapid Storage Tech application pre-installed. After installing WinDev and inserting the WinDev USB dongle it did nothing, it would not light up, Windows did not install a driver and WinDev obviously would not load.

The solution I found was to stop the Intel Rapid Storage service, then install the Sentinal HASP runtime drivers. The dongle then lit up and WinDev worked find. I rebooted the laptop which re-started the Intel Rapid Storage service and the dongle continued to work OK.

Just an fyi ...

von JP - am 05.12.2013 18:53
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