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Instructions for how to set up HFSQL C/S on 4 Linux distributions

Startbeitrag von Jimbo am 11.10.2011 06:45


Alexander Predl has written up the exact procedure of how to set up HyperFile C/S on a Linux System.

Three other instruction pdfs (for OpenSuse, Ubuntu 11.04 and Debian) are to follow! Sorry, the first manual is in German only. We plan to translate & publish them in English too!

This is done in the light of our intention to offer virtual web servers to our customers for HF C/S synchronization of their POS terminals. We're looking at e.g. https://vps.servage.com/plans for setting up such a server. It's cheap and we can get our customers databases off from our own web server. Sure, it's possible to use MySQL in ordinary rented web space too but experienced funny limitations by providers. They simply want to limit traffic and aren't very excited about having large databases running on their servers.


Thank you for this great tutorial. You need few changes with screen order but it is ok if we slowly reading and trying.

Problem is with installation of HF Server. I am try with your tutorial on UBUNTU and SUSE. Same situation. You can see picture .

Regards !

von ICI - am 28.02.2013 13:13
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