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Juan Villasenor

Composite Key with Oracle

Startbeitrag von Juan Villasenor am 30.04.2013 15:31

Hi All

I think this is not a new issue but i wnat to resolve it, the problem is when i try to use HreadSeekFirst(FileName,IndexKey,["FIELD1",NUMBER,NUMBER]) always i get the first record in the DataBase, the IndexKey is composed by:

This file had

IDX1_FIMRAMDL_GCODE with UNIQUE check, with the following information

FIRMA_CODE varchar2(20) value="TEST"
MDLDATA_ID number value=14
GROUP_CODE varchar(12) value="010011012013"

I'm using the Oracle (Oracle Provider for OLE DB) to connect the DataBase, working fine if i don't need to access or retreive composite key ;-(

All the time when i import a file don't show up the PK_GROUP as a key only the filed name this is normal?, also the Index file create 3 files why?


JM Villasenor


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