How to rename a project

Startbeitrag von Fabrice Harari am 04.03.2009 19:14

Very often, you need to start a new project by just reusing an existing one... And there comes the problem: how to properly rename the existing project and its analysis to be sure that nothing is going to get mixed up...

Here is my step by step solution (this is written for webdev but will also work for a windev or windev mobile project)

1. Do a backup of the original project (Tools>Save the project)
2. Restore this backup in a new directory named after your NEW project (Tools>Restore a project)
3. Open the restored project (still using the old project name) from the NEW directory (File>Open a project). The editor sees that the project was moved and changes anything needed accordingly)
4. If any object is open (window, page, report, etc) close it
5. With ONLY the project open (hence the step 4 above), save the project under it's new name in the SAME NEW directory (File>Save AS)

-- At this point, the project is renamed, but still used the old analysis name--

6. Open the analysis
7. Save the analysis under its new name (File>Save AS). The window that is shown is misleading in that it's the general description window for the analysis. In it, you ned to change only the 'Name' field in the first tab, then click the save button
8. Once the analysis is renamed, the analysis editor asks if you want to use the renamed analysis in the current project. Answering YES is a good idea... If you missed that step, you can still change the analysis used in the project description window.

-- At this point, project and analysis are OK, but you still have the global procedures to rename--

9. Close all windows, pages, etc
10. Open the collection of global procedures still wearing the old name (this will have to be done twice: once for the server collection, once for the browser collection)
11. Save the collection under it's new name (File>Save AS)
12. Answer yes to question asking if you want to include the renamed collection in your project
13. Delete the collection still wearing the old name (Right clic>Delete)

You still have a few files wearing the name of the old project in the project directory,a dn you 'll have to delete them by hand in windows explorer..

That's it


Yes, I am try it with WinDev. It really work.

Thank you, Fabrice !

von ICI - am 13.09.2010 09:02

Hi Fabrice. This works fine, except for installing the new project in IIS. When i install it continue using the old project name for the name of the web site.

How can i change this name?

Thank you


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 18.11.2010 10:54
In version 17 you can just give it an other name

von Allard - am 08.05.2012 07:13
Hi all,

I would recommend adding step 2.5 to Fabrice's project copy/rename work list:

After restoring the project to the new directory, before opening it:
2.5 rename the original project's directory temporarily to something else.

Why? Because Windev does not always fix all the file references to the new directory. Some references may be left behind to refer to the original directory, and then they would be referred to by both the original and the new projects, possibly causing mix-ups and problems! The easiest way to find them is making the original directory invisible to Windev by renaming it, thus causing Windev to generates errors for those references.

After the whole copy/rename process is done and tested that is does run in test mode, rename the original directory back to its correct name.

I just experienced this with Windev version 21.

Best regards

von Ola - am 28.08.2016 20:04
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