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Massive Bug with Password field

Startbeitrag von John Fligg am 06.02.2018 10:58

I hope I'm not spreading alarm and I hope someone will prove me wrong. I am using WebDev for this example.

I have a Password field so there is no opportunity to capitalize anything automatically. In code I say If edt_password = "whatever" then = is a STRICT comparator.

The edt_password field is NOT linked to anything.

The code does exactly what it does and rejects anything not allowed.

However .... When the password screen is redisplayed after the error message and you check the contents of the field using the eye and the debugger it has in it "Whatever" and NOT "whatever".

In other words when a Password field is redisplayed it appears to have the first letter capitalized.

How can that be? Or has Windows stored the capitalized version?

I do nothing when the window is resdiplayed other than literally drop out of the code and something is redisplaying the window. Is that WebDev or Windows? Because whichever it is, is causing the first letter to be capitalized.


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