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Data Down Under

Startbeitrag von Geoff Spillane am 04.01.2018 12:14

Whilst I've only been the Australian WinDev Distributor for a relatively short period in the overall scheme of things, I am now trying to create an email list to advise developers of contract opportunities, or any other WinDev related matters I believe they could be interested in. I have done this in the Clarion community as the Australian Clarion Distributor for many years with a great deal of success. I don't constantly inundate you with useless information but if you then decide you don't want to receive anything from me I won't take it personally and you just have to return the email with a "Remove Me" in the subject header and I'll filter you out. Over time I'll create more filters so that people who don't want to know about work or contract opportunities can be filtered out of those type of emails and so on.

If any of you reading this are from Australia and who might not be on my list please feel free to contact me to add you to my database. I don't care if you buy via some other Distributor or direct from PC Soft; I just want to be able to better serve the Australian community and to do this I need the numbers.

In the Clarion community I've brought a lot of parties together for various contract opportunities as well as a number of full time positions. I want to be able to do the same with WinDev and/or other PC Soft products.

A current example is a new WinDev user who has the following requirements:
Someone who could work full time alongside them in the development phase 1 and other phases down the track?

He would need someone willing to :
1. Plan the phase
2. Assist him with coding and database design
3. Be patient enough to train him in Windev along the way
4. Full time position

If you are interested in this or know someone who would be then please email me with your expression of interest.

Best Regards,

Geoff Spillane
Data Down Under
Australian WinDev Distributor


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