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Description popup as a panel

Startbeitrag von Yogi Yang am 30.04.2012 05:55

It would be nice if we could get Description popup windows as a panel on left or right side so that we can easily set required properties just by selecting a control on form instead of having to double click a control to set its properties...



That would be nice!


von Ola - am 01.03.2013 16:21
Hi, it's there! Just do a little searching ... regards, Guenter

von GuenterP - am 01.03.2013 18:28
Hi, it's there! Just do a little searching ... regards, Guenter

I researched. But could not find it.

How can we get description as a panel?

von Yogi Yang - am 03.03.2013 04:38

On the top right corner of the popup window there is a lock. By locking this you can reuse it for any other control you select in the editor...

However, what I requested soem years ago as a suggestion was the ability to do mass updates on the attributes using (sql?) scripting instead of having to manually go through every control or analysis item and modify this through the 7-tab window...


Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 27.06.2013 07:32
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