new type of table break

Startbeitrag von RdJ am 14.07.2012 13:24

I would like to have a table break type that generates an 'overall' view

so when I have for example these detail entries, where perc complete is a calculated item based on other fields in the query that are in a hidden column
id description nr of days person perc complete date start
1 desc1 5 name1 50,00 01.01.2011
1 desc1 3 name2 60,00 15.01.2011
1 desc1 1 name3 10,00 07.01.2011
1 desc1 4 name4 20,00 01.02.2011
2 desc2 50 name1 90,00 01.02.2011
3 desc3 8 name2 55,00 01.01.2011
3 desc3 5 name3 30,00 01.01.2011

when not expanded i would like to see something like this
id description nr of days person perc date start
days complete
1 desc1 13 name1, name2, 40,00 01.01.2011
name3, name4
2 desc2 50 name1 90,00 01.02.2011
3 desc3 13 name2, name3 45,38 01.01.2011

so for every column in the break I would like to define if this is
- sum
- average
- counter
- concatenate (with a sign that can be put between those values), just put all the values found in the sub rows in one field
- the lowest number/date, the highest number/date
- other calculation or other action that I can code (just like a row)
- leave blank when total/leave blank when detail (so if expanded this field is empty, or when not expanded this field is empty)

define if this break will be 'before' or 'after' the details when expanded


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