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Fabrice Harari, Al

Access to the control editor defaults

Startbeitrag von Al am 03.10.2008 10:49

I should like access to the defaults that PCSoft use in the control editors, so I can set my own defaults.

I use a lot of currency controls but I do not want them to default to " Currency defined by the project (+currency) " I just want them to be "Currency defined by the project " without the currency symbol option, so I don't have to change each one every time.

The default for controls is "With selection in display". I never use this and have to remember to turn it off for every control.

Small things, but annoying and they could be solved so easily by opening up the control editors and allowing us to change the defaults.



I strongly approve that one...

It would save me so much time not to have to go back on every window, page and control to set up the behavior that I want everywhere


PS: This one is valid for the 3 products, and for each and every default settings, which means it's probably a lot of work on their part... :-(

von Fabrice Harari - am 03.10.2008 20:02
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