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Rotating image

Startbeitrag von Frans am 09.10.2008 09:50

Hello to you all,

I would like to rotate an image and that after the rotation the quality is the same as before.
Now I can rotate it but the quality gets lower.
And after the rotation the image fits in the border.




I have the same problem using dRotation. But the WD Advanced Rotation example uses the same function without blurring.

Anyone else deal with this?

von Curtis - am 30.03.2015 21:25
There's a couple issues with the dxxxxxxxx functions.

The one I'm annoyed with most: in a procedure running in a separate thread, create a new image variable, load an image into it (try to get a larger size (2000x2000) to see the result more clearly) then rotate that image... all in a separate thread. A separate thread.... a separate thread (just to be clear... it's all happening in a separate thread...)...

The call to dRotation hangs up the main UI thread until it's finished. The dRotation call, being performed on a variable that exists only in a separate thread... hangs up the UI thread.

I've since utilized an OpenGL wrapper to do all of my graphics stuff for me -- I don't call a single dxxxxxxx function anymore and life is grand :) I do enjoy how easy it is to utilize other libraries in WinDev - they did a great job there :)

von Andrew MacKenzie - am 01.05.2015 20:03
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