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PC Soft's WinDev, WebDev & Mobile vs VisualStudio

Startbeitrag von eli spicer am 08.08.2017 06:41


I need help in deciding what tools I should choose for building applications for the desktop, web and mobile.

I'm looking at Visual Studio and PC Soft's suite of tools. I'm currently playing around with both and after seeing the kind of time investment required, I had better stop and make sure to choose the right toolset to avoid changing later and starting over.

If you have experience with both, I'd love to hear from you... I already know PCSoft users will say PCSoft and VS users will say VS, but what is really needed is advice from someone that has experiences with both as only they can properly compare the two. Lets start with a few questions...

1. Any of you currently use or have used PC Soft's WinDev, WebDev and/ or WinDev Mobile?

2. Do you use both?

3. Did you try PC Soft's suite but stayed with VS? and why?

4. If you started over, what would you choose as your primary toolset? and why?

Any and all suggestions is greatly appreciated...

Thank you,
Elisha Spicer


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