[WB16] - Groupware a multiple HF C/S ddbb

Startbeitrag von Victor Diego am 08.06.2013 17:22

I am developing an application that will be sold as SaaS. At the moment I do not want to use the SaaS management system of Webdev, because I do not want to control prices, occupations, etc.. Just I want each customer be able to connect to their database where users files are for each database.

The problem I have with Groupware management and database HF C / S (Client / Server) is in the login page because I must ask the customer (or database) , the user and password .

When the "Login" page is activated Groupware does not yet know what database will connect. After fill the three data (customer, user and password) I find in other database the name of the database to connect and connect to it. User tables are independent for each bbdd.

Well, so far the background, now explain the problem:

The "gpwOpen ()" opens the login page and then requesting customer, user and password, but once I use it I cannot change the database which acts groupware. According to the manual I have to use "gpwOpenConnection" to initialize the connection parameters and then make gpwOpen (), but if I call for the second time gpwOpen, again requests the username and password, so that I get a loop .

I have tried not to use "gpwOpen" and instead use "gpwLogin" but that function does not find the user if before I have not call gpwOpen. It's like "gpwOpen" were compulsory.
I want ask the tree data: customer, user and password and that user groupware connect to the correct database.

I do not know if I could explain properly.
Did anyone have a similar experience and could help me?
Thank you very much in advance.

Victor Diego


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