[WD18] SaveAs overwrites window operating system name

Startbeitrag von Al am 27.06.2013 10:23

Hello All

If you do "SaveAs" on a window there are two issues.

First, the dialog refers to backing up an element. I am not backing up an element, I am saving a copy of the existing window under another name. The use of the term "Element" has been pushed into V18 and it is misleading and lazy programming by PCSoft. It is all very well for them to code in the abstract, but when the function is called it must recognise how it is being used and show the appropriate function names. A small point, but I believe indicative of lazy coding practices that are currently spilling over into the increased number of bugs that have plagued the last 2 versions.

Second, if I change the Title of the window, this also overwrites my window name. This is completely wrong in so many ways. My development language has no right to change my program names. Perhaps this is a fundamental misunderstanding between French and English languages, but the TITLE is the name displayed to the user and is is no way the same as the name I give the window in terms of my code. I use prefixes on my window names to help me group them and for quick identification.

Reported to Tech Support June 2013



Second, if I change the Title of the window, this also overwrites my window name.

Hi Al,
this is a quite old one and I'm used to edit the lower input field first and then go up to the first field. In this case it will keep the original name.
Thank you for reporting it. I did not because I got so used to it. An old 'friend' so to say.

von GuenterP - am 27.06.2013 13:48
Hello Guenter

I don't think it is that old.
It must have been introduced in V17, which I skipped, because I am still working in V16 and a SaveAs in V16 calls a filename/directory dialog box to nominate the SaveAs file name. I only noticed it when I started a small new project in V18.


von Al - am 27.06.2013 14:25
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