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[WD18] PopupMenu problem

Startbeitrag von Al am 04.07.2013 17:06

Hello All

I have a habit of creating new windows by using SaveAs on an existing window. This causes problems in V18 if the window has a popupmenu.

The new window has the popup menus from the original window and in this case I modified two of them - I changed the menu name in the description panel and created new sub menu options.
The problem is that when I first open the popup menu screen in the window it shows the orignal menu names and I can no longer access the third menu option to change it or delete it.
Even though the window shows the wrong menu names, everythings works as expected and clicking on the wrong menu name brings up the correct menu.

I gues the best thing to do if you have popup menus in a saveas window would be to try and delete them before doing anything else.

Tech Support have been notified



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