WD14 user groupware

Startbeitrag von Malc am 12.05.2009 14:02

I have extended the user groupware to operate with MS SQL, plus some other ui enhancements. Additionally a couple of extra fields were added to the users table e.g.


If the GPWLogin form, the procedure CheckUser was modified so that


we set a variable

gsLanguageCode = GPWUSER.LanguageCode

This does not work in WD14, though it was fine in WD12.


No LanguageCode item found in GPWUser file

The workaround seems to be to do a SQL Select to get the value, which works fine.

Now I know it is probably a bad idea to add extra fields to the groupware tables, and we, have considered creating another table for 'extra' data and synching the rows, but as it was only two fields, we thought we would try it and it initially worked. Quite why it doesn't now is beyond me.




Hi Malc,

I assume that you have to HOpenAnalysis(..) before being able to use it. I'd try to do a HListAnalysis(..) before the statement
gsLanguageCode = GPWUSER.LanguageCode
in order to make sure that the analysis (changed by yourself not as a fixed one from PCS!) is available to your software. As I remember, the tricky thing is to locate the analysis (switch of paradigma in test mode / exe run).

Kind regards

von Jimbo - am 12.05.2009 15:01
Hi Guenter

I've coded around the issue now, but I will try you suggestion when I have a moment.



von Malc - am 14.05.2009 10:11
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