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David Martin

WB12/WB14: Closes with no error

Startbeitrag von David Martin am 05.06.2009 14:11

Using WebDev 12 and 14.

Start a new Project
- PHP site
- No Teamwork
- No SCM
- Select same Programming Charter as I use in WinDev
- Style Book: none
- Yes or No to Home Page
- English only
- No database

Create a blank Page
Insert a HTML table
Select one of the bottom cells
Press Ctrl+Up Arrow

BOOM...WebDev exits with no error.

Auto reply from pcSoft:

Reference to be recalled for any contact relative to this request : ST/B575594


Reply from PC Soft Tech Support:


You are unfortunately very right. These operations make WebDev 14 crash. This problem has been submitted to our developers. Please use the following reference if you contact me on the same subject #62 382/310358.

The Free Technical Support is entirely at your service.

von David Martin - am 08.06.2009 14:12
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