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henrikga, R.M

suche kewet ersatzteile

Startbeitrag von henrikga am 02.12.2013 14:17

I'am the happy owner of a kewet eljet 3. But i need some spareparts.

I'am interrestet in following parts

Front window
Back window
The front door to gain access to the batteries.

Please mail your price to henrik@hyldgaard.me


Hy Henrik

In Germany the Windows are very expensive because there is no delivery to germany and you have to organize the transport by your self. The best way is to order it from the factory an transport it by yourself

You know that the Kewet 3 has a Gear Controller located in the dashboard housing.

It switches of the compound at 25 km/h and checkes the speed when switching between forward and reverse.

You shoud also install a current limiter to avoid high current after switching of the compound.

The current limiter of an ellert will work.
Do you have any circuit drawings of the Kewet 3 gear controller connectors.


von R.M - am 02.12.2013 17:26
Hey Roman

No, i do not have electric drawnings for the kewet 3. If you have some i would like a copy on mail email Henrik@hyldgaard.me

von henrikga - am 02.12.2013 20:15
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