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Kewet eljet 3 Nebenschlussfeld

Startbeitrag von henrikga am 11.08.2014 07:50


I have just bought an Kewet eljet 3. I want to make a better control of the Nebenschlussfeld. my idear is to control the field with pwm.

anyone who has experience with this type of project?

kind regards
Henrik (new kewet eljet 3 owner)


Hi Hendrik

It works, the Kewet 4 and 5 have a PWM signal to control the field, mabe you will find such a device that works in a forklift.

As Input you need the speed signal, the current and the position of the speed poti position.

The Kewet 3 has a speed sensor for the gearcontroller.

For longer Life of the brushes you should limit the motor current of less then 200A.

A shunt in the motor - and a current Limiter circuit of an Ellert will work.

Kind Regards


von R.M - am 11.08.2014 19:13
Do you know the relation between pwm durty cycle to the compound field, motor current, speed poti position and speed?

i have no problems with making the shunt driver pcb :-)

von henrikga - am 12.08.2014 06:25
Hi Hendrik

I dont know the relation but i can measure it during the next month because i need a resolution for the kewet 3 too.

Kind regards


von R.M - am 12.08.2014 17:25
that would be great :-)

von henrikga - am 15.08.2014 06:37
Hey Roman

Have you made some measurement? now i have the time to make a new pwm gearcounter cirrcurt :-)

von henrikga - am 23.01.2015 09:52
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