A couple of questions

Startbeitrag von nasps am 08.05.2015 07:39

Hello all.

First of all, my deepest excuses for not address the forum in German but my German skills unfortunately are not enough to make myself be understood. :(

Second, congrats on this forum, it is indeed very useful but, as I said, with a big big help from Google Translate.

The company I work in as just bought a used Buddy and it needs some "refurbish".

I would like to get some help, if available for the following issues:

1 - is it possible to change the charger plug to the SAE J1772? Is it only a matter of "adapt" the current intake plug with this one or there's electronics involved?

2 - Concerning the BMS (car controller), has anyone tried successfully to "get into" the controller and be able to check/change data? Did someone already "made" a new BMS in a Buddy? Are there any tools to allow to "hack" (hate the word) the

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Best regards

3 -



as a native speaker I would like to help you. Unfortunately I don't have a Buddy.
....to 1. I imagine that the plug isn't the issue, but the voltage. If it's single phase 220V than all you need is the right plug or adapter.
.....to 2. Do you mean the BMS(Battery Management System) or the motor controller. I would advise posting the manufacturer and the model numbers here. Many can be hooked to laptop to change any settings.

I hope I could help.

von rock soup - am 10.05.2015 14:04
Hi Richie.

Thanks for your feedback

Regarding the info about the car its a Kewet Buddy Citi-Jet 6; Var:L; Ver: BC
Is this info enough?

von nasps - am 11.05.2015 08:37
Hello all.

After a long absence (holidays included), we've managed to get a lot of work on the Buddy we own.
We've installed a new BMS system (Elektromotus BMS) and it's is a very interesting device.

The batteries were change from Pb to Li and the main issue is currently how to "emulate" the old battery system to the car controller.
Basically the car controller reads the batteries by the JP2 connector.
I've made the changes like this:

The issue is that right now, the display panel, everytime I connect the car, main switch, not the ignition key, I have a beep error and the "1H" warning.

This shouldn't be an issue if it would only be on the starting of the vehicle, but when the car is rolling, all of the sudden and from a brief second, all the panel shutsdown and after it lights up again.

Not sure what could be. Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance everyone

von nasps - am 16.09.2015 14:44
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