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how does the Kewet look underneath?

Startbeitrag von BobDeere am 27.07.2015 06:22

HI All :-)
maybe you remember from before.
i bought 1 year ago a CityEl here in Sweden..
now im hooked up on electric cars and found another one..
Kewet 1995 in good condition but no batteries..
the price is very good so im going to buy it..

here is the problem i need help for.
the car is 600 km from me and i must take it on a trailer..
I have a very small trailer 120 * 120 cm and was hoping
i could just let the floor of the car lie directly on the trailers floor
with the wheels hanging outside

i did the same with the CityEl and it worked good

can anyone send me pics how the Kewet looks under ?
i real hope its flat..



I got a few pics showing a bare naked Kawet "thanks Claus"
the mid part of the car takes easy place of a EU pallet. so it whould world
do you people know if there is plastic or fibreglass under the steel frame?
i dont want to crack it when im placing it

Claus suggest me to use a car trailer, but those are very big and heavy
and my ordinary car is not that big.. so i rather use either my very small
trailer or rent a bigger one. but still much smaller then a car trailer

the Kewet itself should weight less then 300 kg without batteries..
is that correct?
in worst case i can lighten the car by taking out seats and other stuff and out them in my car instead..

von BobDeere - am 28.07.2015 09:53
You have to drive 600 km, you need a good car trailer and no experiments.
It is more safty for you and the Kewet :D

Rent a car trailer like this or a car trailer for Smart.

L x B: 3500 x 1950 mm, Max: 1300 kg, own weight: 400 kg, payload 900 kg

Kewet weight is 750kg !!

von Claus. - am 28.07.2015 11:26
[attachment 1485 Kewettransport.pdf]

Take a bigger Car

Gruß Norbert

von Norbert Kern - am 29.07.2015 15:49
Kann ich auch!

Es war im übrigen ein Ford Transit.

elektrische Grüße

von hallootto - am 29.07.2015 20:25
ging´´s bei Dir mit der Höhe ? beim Peugeot musste ich die Luft hinten raus lassen wegen dem "Spoiler" vom Kewet

von Norbert Kern - am 30.07.2015 15:10
Jupp. Wir haben auch die Luft abgelassen.

elektrische Grüße

von hallootto - am 30.07.2015 17:22
Thanks for all the pics and info you sent
i manage to get it at home in a bigger trailer with cover

the car looks ok but needs work.
ill put a new topic about that soon..

von BobDeere - am 28.08.2015 05:33
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