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Kewet 3: Opening gear box, removal of CV-joint?

Startbeitrag von tomas_bj1 am 23.04.2016 06:25

Hi Kewet buddies!

I have a 1993 Kewet El-Jet 3, which I have removed the motor and gear box from. I am trying to repair my motor (changing brushes, polishing the commutator, putting in new (used) springs) and fixing an oil leak from the gear box.

When I remove all bolts from the gear box, it opens about 5-10 mm, but the CV joint of the drive shaft stops me from opening it any further.

Does anyone on this forum know how to remove the CV joint (the remaining bit of the drive shaft that is attached to the gear box)?

I am guessing that a "chock" (hard and sudden pull) would make it come out, but I don't want to try it if that is the incorrect method, as finding spare parts if I break anything will be a nightmare.

Please see the attached image (not the best angle, but you see the big arrow pointing to the CV joint and I want it out (in the direction of the dotted arrow).

[attachment 1816 Kewet3_motor_.jpg]

Any help will be much appreciated!



[attachment 1818 MotorVxl.jpg]

A better schematic picture of what I am trying to do...

von tomas_bj1 - am 23.04.2016 10:02
Hi Tomas,

you need your supposed "chock". There is a ring preventing the joint from slipping out of the gearbox. With a crowbar or a very big screwdriver you can apply the necessary force to remove the joint.


P.S. I have some spare axles if you break yours.

von Andreas Friesecke - am 25.04.2016 07:05
Hi again,

I have not been able to remove the CV-joint. This weekend I borrowed a really strong extractor. It got a good hold of the CV-joint, but was not the correct design to pull it off.
However, I used two(!!) hydraulic jacks, capable of 2 tonnes each, pushing on the extractor, which in a normal world would make the CV-joint come out with a "pop".

In my world, it just sat there. I pushed as hard as I dared, probably around 2-3000 kg of push, but it would not come out!

I officially have now given up trying to remove it, and will purchase "gasket on a tube" to try to seal the gearbox so I can finally drive my little Kewet 1993, version 3. At least I tried...!

von tomas_bj1 - am 19.06.2016 20:56
Hi again,

So, the gearbox is now sealed up with gasket on a tube. An ugly fix, but it seems to be leak proof for now.

The main issue now is to reassemble the CV-joint... I have spent several hours trying to put it together, without success. If I get all the ball bearings and the ring (spherical ring with holes for the ball bearings) into the CV joint (that is attached to the gearbox), the axle get stiff and won't bend at all, meaning that it won't work when the suspension moves the drive shaft up and down... Why?

As far as I can tell, there are two possible positions to insert the drive shaft into the CV joint, one that is fairly easy, where the narrow rims on the drive shaft line up with the narrow rims on the CV joint, but as I hammer in the spherical ring, the CV joint locks up more and more. Once the ring is really far in, the balls exits their grooves and everything just falls apart again.

The other position, where a narrow rim lines up with a wide rim, are impossible for me to get to work. The balls keeps falling out and won't find a matching groove to be in. I have tried bending (coming in with an angle) and also pushing the drive shaft far into the CV-joint, trying to "back it into position" (pulling it out), but it does not work.

HELP! :)


von tomas_bj1 - am 06.08.2016 12:44
Photos of the CV joint (top left), the drive shaft (top right) and the spherical ring and the ball bearings (bottom).
[attachment 1956 CV-reassembly_small.jpg]

von tomas_bj1 - am 06.08.2016 13:10



von Norbert Kern - am 06.08.2016 21:27

von Norbert Kern - am 06.08.2016 21:32
Thank you! Danke Schön!

Those images gave me a lot of much needed information, I'll go out to the garage now and try again!

von tomas_bj1 - am 07.08.2016 07:17
It is working now, and up for sale...

von tomas_bj1 - am 08.08.2016 12:19
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