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Use with external languages

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 12.12.2011 15:58

I love using all of the WX products, but I have one area of complaint.

PCSoft does not seem to implement the interface with external languages well and they provide no support for such. I have sent projects that show failures (GPF) and projects that show the .NET assemblies created in WinDev do not work correctly. Always the response is that they don't support C# and I have to use the paid support.

I understand they can't help with my C# code, but they can look at simple examples where there is a possible bug in WinDev. The answer about the WinDev created .NET assembly was that the assembly could be used in another WinDev project. Why would I create an assembly to use in WinDev?

I admit that if I was an experienced .NET programmer and not just learning enough for my own needs, it might be better but I have tried my best to compensate by taking online lessons in C# and purchasing good references.

In this increasingly complex development world, I would suspect interface with other languages would be important. That is the only way to use special hardware devices. None of the manufacturers I have dealt with provide WinDev sample code nor have they heard of WinDev.


Here is my (mostly) comprehensive list of tools I use for development, either at home or work. It’s like Scott Hanselman’s, but focused almost purely on development, with a couple of extras. While you’re at it, go check his out. All opinions are my own and are not bought or sold.

The Main Stuff

Visual Studio – king of IDEs and the essential tool for .NET devs everywhere. Not much else to say except that it has a great starting toolset for any developer and amazing plugin support. The Community edition gives the masses the power of the Professional SKU, for free. Simply amazing and getting better with every release.

(Full Article)

These set of tools can be used as reference as some of the external languages that help you with other web dev tools.

von Mansi Rao - am 27.11.2017 11:39
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