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Webdev vs WaveMaker vs CodeCharge

Startbeitrag von Julio Cesar am 27.04.2016 22:39


I own a windev 15 license and wish upgrade to version 21.

Should I do this ? Is there others tools to develop websites and
Webapps like windev.

Anyone knows about WaveMaker and CodeCharge Studio ?


I've looked at Wavemaker, but I would say both of the products below are superior in the long run. I'm taking a close look at:

MDriven Turnkey:
Superb, mature, powerful model driven app framework. Back-end is very strong, web front-end is still a bit young so needs some expertise with AngularJS etc. Mdriven also deploys to other platforms like Windows apps etc.

Code On Time:
App generator with superb, responsive, web front-end...probably the best in the business. Database needs to be designed separately, so backend is not so well catered for as Turnkey. Probably a bit easier to learn, as long as your DB modelling skills are good.

I guess it depends where you want to spend your time and what your expertise is.


von Michael Q - am 28.04.2016 09:07
Thanks for your reply Michael

CodeOnTime looks great but need IIS webserver to be deployed. :-(

WaveMaker its a great tool too, but needs tomcat server. :(

I'm using Apache server with php and mysql, so i think webdev is a better choice.

What you think ?

Julio Cesar

von Julio Cesar - am 28.04.2016 16:49
It depends what your requirements are. If you really must use Apache/Php/Mysql then your options are limited.

Personally I'm looking for a tool that will robustly automate as much as possible while providing a great UI. Everything else is secondary.


von Michael Q - am 28.04.2016 16:55
WaveMaker is JS based and it has its own application server. You will have to deploy the server to use WaveMaker applications.

While on the other hand CCS is language antagonistic. It allows one to program in Perl, PHP, ASP, ASPX, JSP visually! It has its quirks but it is well designed. It does not require any specialized server to deploy it applications.


von Yogi Yang - am 11.07.2016 11:08
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