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comparison question ( webdev 21 )

Startbeitrag von Allard am 09.07.2016 06:24

Hi Once again me with maybe a strange request.

Does any of you know visual dataflex. It seems they now have a tool that can generate windows web and mobile apps form 1 code base.

It is compiled software that runs on the app server. thus it can be a web application windows or mobileapp. The app server does all the work.

OK Question how does this compeet with webdev? ( for the moment Iam onley interested in comparing with webdev)

It has a 4gl langadge and it can produce nice looking respobnsive apps. etc etc. cool but it compiles . Is this good or bad thing ?

The reson why I ask this is because I have found an other developer who agrees with me on the use of servoy. We both want to make business apps. Not de bussiness of making work arrounds or spending 10 times more time on stuff that should be simple.

He is veery sceptic. And with good reason. (servoy becomes more and more a desaster ) And the windows app of the company is written in dataflex as well ( an older version, ). Servoy was choosen at the time because dataflex was not good anough a view years ago.

We are spendig a few months now on an API . And Iam working on an huge xml import that would have been finnished when using webdev ( I think it webdev works with xml like windev does, ha ha )

Ok Long story. Does anyone know visual dataflex and could any one give pointers why webdev is better?





I dont know Servoy, never used it, but why do you say it becomes more and more a disaster?

von JP - am 10.07.2016 11:48
Hi Allard,

I suggest you check out www.codeontime.com.

It seems to tick all the boxes and has an excellent responsive interface automatically.


von Michael Q - am 10.07.2016 14:07
Hello Allard,

Do check out Omnis also: http://www.omnis.net/

I have not used it yet but it looks promising!

If you do not mind going with .NET then also check out IronSpeed. I had a chance to use it once in distant past and it worked like charm.


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 11.07.2016 07:30
Iron Speed, Inc. has decided to discontinue operations. The primary reasons were cited by the company CEO as “expense of litigation with patent troll” and “product sales have been severely impacted”.


von Michael Q - am 11.07.2016 07:32
Ok then there are very few options left.
1. Code Charge Studio
2. Code on Time
3. DXperience Suit (with XPO and XAF)
4. ASP/ ASPX/PHP Maker/Runner
5. Telerik (with RAD)
6. SyncFusion

There may be others but I don't know about them.


von Yogi Yang - am 11.07.2016 11:15
Oh! I forgot to mention Oracle ADF - http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/adf/overview/index.html;jsessionid=6R39V8WhqTQ7HMb2vTQTkzbP5XRFgs4RQzyxQ7fqxH9y6p6vKXk4!-460884186

It is free! And JAVA based!


von Yogi Yang - am 11.07.2016 11:30
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