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[OT] Code editing fonts

Startbeitrag von Al am 01.05.2017 03:44

Hello All

The other day the font in the code editor of Windev suddenly changed on the screen but not in the Windev code edit options which were still showing the original font. I was reading an article in the Calibre reader on another screen so I imagine that it was what caused the font change in the open Windev editor - yes I multitask sometimes :)

The different display font that appeared onscreen looked to be a variation on a courier font and wasn't that bad and it prompted me to look into the aspect of what would be the best font to use when editing code.

I had never bothered much before about the code font, which is interesting seeing as how I spend much of my day and night working with it.
There are a number of articles on the web and there are quite a variety of fonts available that are specifically for editing code. For me it came down initially to whatever was natively available in Windows so the main options were Lucida, Consolas and Android Sans Mono, but I am going to check out some of the free coding fonts available.

I am currently trying the Android Sans Mono and to me, it does look better than Lucida, which I think is the Windev default.

So the reason I am posting is to suggest that maybe some benefit could be gained by selecting a code editing font that might be more aesthetically pleasing or more functional in terms of clarity.



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