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Rubén, Mike, max - b200

introducing myself

Startbeitrag von max - b200 am 19.06.2003 09:44

hi, my name is max, i'm a young (17) b200 player from germany, i found this forum via google. :)

since a few months i've got an old hammond b200 and a dynacord leslie DC300 - that's not the best, but excellent for collecting first hammond experiences, and i also didn't want to spent a lot of money for my first organ :D i'm playing piano for about 8/9 years, but that's not the feeling of a hammond.. :)

i would like to exchange experiences with the b200, does one of you guys have a b200, too? and perhaps someone has got a few hammond artists/tracks? i'm always looking for inspiration, i can recommend:

the james taylor quartet - tough chicken, side stepping, splat
james brown - super bad, funky drummer
joey deFrancesco (!great man!) - the whole album w/ danny gatton "relentless"
maceo parker - quick step
nils landgren funk unit live in stockholm - traci, so what
santana - victory is won (nice solo)

i know i have some more, but i can't remember them right now. i'll post again. if you want to see a picture of my hammond, you can click here.



Hi, I'm from germany too, 27 years old and a few years ago I owned a B200 too.
It was my first Hammond.
It's a nice organ, but not really a Hammond.
There is no generator, no oiling, no tubes...but it's portable.
Now i own a "portable" M100 (about 80kg).
It sounds much better, but my back doesn't like it :-)

I listen to Jazz (Tyner, Coltrane, McDuff...),Blues, Psychedelic, Garage Rock etc.

von Mike - am 26.06.2003 12:48

About the Hammond B-200

Hi Max,

I'm an ex-B-200 player from Mexico. I still have it, but I had the chance to buy a chopped (portabilised) A-100 with a Leslie 147 at a very reasonable price ... and it really is a dream to play. Anyway, I have to admit the B-200 is probably the second best transistor portable organ made by the original Hammond company, only surpassed by the rare B-250 (all black, with two 61-keys manuals, and overdrive control). When I feel like playing it, I connect it to an old British Sharma 900 rotary speaker and it almost sounds like a tonewheel spinet - although I'm sure you agree that the B-200 is sort of a half-breed between a spinet and a console. I'm not sure if a B-200 has been used in any major record. I've heard Rhoda Scott used to played one ocassionally. There's a Mexican Norteño (Northern Folk) group that use a B-200, at least for touring - but I'm not interested in that type of music really. I know in Britan there's a bunch of Easy Listening music records played on portable hammonds (specially X-5 but also B-200). I know of a reputed young Swedish player who actually learnt how to play the organ in a B-200 - actually I read about him in a link in this website.

So, I still believe the B-200 is a very capable instrument, but even though it's one of the best portable hammonds, there's still a noticeable difference between this one and a B-3, specially if you're a jazz player and need to use the bass pedals. So, if you want to get deeper into the hammond organ, I sugest you to save some money, contact the "Hammondstore" - they have their international store in Germany - and inquire about their portablised A-100's - they're gorgeous, even better looking than mine. Or if you don't mind playing in a digital organ, you have the New Hammond B-3, Portable B-3 and XK-3 systems ... but ... I don't know. They all sound like a fake to me, apart from being INSANELY EXPENSIVE!. Or there are other B-3 digital two-manual emulators by other brands (Korg BX-3, Roland VK-77 and VK-88, etc.) that are much more accessible.

Finally, although I'm sure you already know most of them, my recommended Hammond records are:

Jack McDuff - ANY ALBUM
Joey DeFrancesco & Jimmy Smith - "Legacy"
Jimmy Smith - "The Definitive Jimmy Smith"
Jimmy Smith - "Finest Hour"
Niacin - "Niacin"
Niacin - "High Bias"
Sugarloaf - "The Best of Sugarloaf"
Quatermass - "Quatermass"
Emerson, Lake and Palmer - "Emerson, Lake and Palmer"
Emerson, Lake and Palmer - "Tarkus"
Emerson, Lake and Palmer - "Trilogy"
Emerson, Lake and Palmer - "Brain Salad Surgery"
Genesis - "Foxtrot"
Jethro Tull - "Thick as a Brick"
Frumpy - "All Will Be Changed"
Frumpy - "Frumpy 2"
Deep Purple - "Machine Head"
Uriah Heep - "Very 'eavy, Very 'umble"
Van der Graaf Generator - "H to He - Who Am the Only One?"
Van der Graaf Generator - "Pawn Hearts"
Colosseum - "Valentyne Suite"
Greenslade - "Greenslade Live"

Best Regards

P.S. If you like, the next time I'll add a list I made with all the portable hammond models I could find notice of.

von Rubén - am 05.02.2006 06:59
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