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Loomax 500-S; Vergiss es

Startbeitrag von Boudewijn Maurits am 27.08.2004 09:37

In the past I've written about the problems with this device. I've even tried to reload the old firmware. That didn't solve it either. The time and effort, plus the fact that Loomax went bust, does not justify the purchase price. So I went and bought an alternative MP3 player. I am very satisfied with this new purchase, and would like to share it with you. It is a Xiron 128 M (probably just a generic name). The manual states Shi Yong Shou CE. It really has a high price performance ratio. The batteries (1 AAA) last for at least 6 hours. One advice; change the earphone with a high quality one. But I guess this applies to all MP3 players in general. For you out there living near the Dutch border; you can purchase it at Blokker shops [www.blokker.nl] and click on 'bekijk onze folder'. De first page shows the player at Euro 49,95.

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