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Blues not gone yet

Startbeitrag von NEWS TICKER am 29.08.2001 21:10

Dortmund - At Borussia Dortmund the blues ist not gone yet. Four days after the sensational Cup knock-out against Wolfburg Amateurs no one likes to talk about this painful loss.

But the sensationell 0-1 loss of Borussia Dortmund stars left marks behind. The relaxed feeling of the first days, when the team enthused with fun-football has been replaced by nervous strain. Even BVB-president Gerd Niebaum suffered: "Even though we're used to cup-trouble something like this is hard to take."

Against other customs Niebaum renounced of his wigging. Since Matthias Sammer became Manager the famous presidential speeches became rare. "Everyone, who knows him, is aware that this loss made him very angry" Niebaum gives as reason for remaining in backround in an interview with local station 91.2 "the coach will take the proper measures."


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