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latest Oberliga match result:
BVB Amateurs beat Dülmen 4-1


match details

In front of 340 visitors, BVB Amateurs beat TSG Dülmen 4-1, thus defending their 1st position in Oberliga with their fourth win in a row.

Dülmen took the lead in the 19th minute, but just 3 minutes later Conor Casey equalised with a penalty (handball). The home team then created a few chances, but failed to score. After the break the Amateurs played with better concentration and Florian Kringe (61st) put them in front. Goals from Deniz Sahin (67th) and again Conor Casey (87th) secured the deserved final result.

The next home game of the Amateurs is going to take place on Sunday, 2 September, in Waldstadion in Dortmund-Aplerbeck. SC Hassel will be the visitors.

BVB: Ratajczak, Abel, Thorwart, Sahin, Mehnert, Kringe
(86th Eshua), Casey, Pinske(77th Rothholz), Achenbach,
Öztürk, Bugri(56th Gambo)

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