Amateur's coach to leave BVB?

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Horst Köppel, current coach of the BVB Amateurs and former coach of Borussia's Cup winning side of '89, has been offered by the FA of the Cameroons to become the coach of their international team for the 2002 World Cup. The departure of popular Köppel seems probable.


Köppel stands by his team

Horst Köppel, after talks with Borussia's chairman Niebaum and general manager Meiertoday, told the FA of the Cameroons today that he is not going to take their offer to coach their international team during the 2002 World Cup. "It would have been an interesting challenge", Köppel said, however he "couldn't possibly let the team down after just five matches."

BVB Amateurs are still unbeaten under his charge and lead Oberliga Westfalen with 15 points won.

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