Amateurs beat Hassel +++ derby against Schalke on Wednesday

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BVB Amateurs beat SC Hassel 1-0


derby on Wednesday:
BVB Amateurs play Schalke Amateurs away at 'Glückaufkampfbahn' , Wednesday evening, at 6 p.m.


match details

Lucky win for Amateurs

A goal from Timo Achenbach just two minutes from time helps Borussia maintain their place on top of the table

It was a tough match for the Amateurs against SC Hassel, the team coached by former Borussian Lothar Huber. Conor Casey was sent of after his second booking in the 60th minute, and with one man down it was mainly keeper Michael Ratajzak who prevented the visitors's lead. In the 88th minute Timo Achenbach's goal secured our team's 5th, this time certainly somewhat lucky, win.

BVB: Ratajczak, Abel, Thorwart, Sahin, Mehnert, Kringe (86th Rothholz), Casey, Pinske, Öztürk(70th Gambo), Bugri, Demel(46th Achenbach).

German language source:

von NEWS TICKER - am 03.09.2001 19:20

correction! goal scored by BUGRI

due to some misinformation from the original German language source, in the 'match details' unfortunately the wrong goal scorer was given. It was not Timo Achenbach who scored, but Francis Bugri with a header after a cross FROM Achenbach.

von NEWS TICKER - am 04.09.2001 09:10
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