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BVB Amateurs unstoppable!full match report of their 1-3 away win at Schalke Amateurs

Startbeitrag von NEWS TICKER am 06.09.2001 19:45

orginial German language text by Schwatzgelb.de editor Tommes

Our BVB Amateurs make the fans absolutely happy. The youngsters won on Wednesday evening in Glückaufkampfbahn in Gelsenkirchen-Buer with a clever and concentrated performance, thus maintaining the distance between them and their biggest rivals for a promotion place back to Regionalliga. Fans and players celebrated this success together after the match, and after this performance no-one has to worry about the rest of the current season.

Coach Horst Köppel, who is going to stay by his team's side and won't go to the Cameroons, had to change last week's line-up only on one position for the match against the disliked Ruhr Valley rivals. Guy Demel, who will be unable to play for a lot of weeks, had been replaced by Timo Achenbach. It was Achenbach who already on the past Sunday had created with a good assist the winning goal against Hassel. Back again in the squad after his ban was Michael Kügler, who however had to sit on the bench.

Both teams attacked from the kick off on in this high prestige duel. Unfortanetely, one could not help noticing some hectic among both sides, which was probably due to the pressure caused by the current situation in the table. BVB, however, began a little more concentrated and more clever than the blue ones, who, overmotivad, unnumerable times ran into Dortmund's offside trap.

In the early stages, there weren't too many scoring chances for none of the teams. A remarkable player on Dortmund's side was, yet again, keeper Michael Ratajczak who used his lack of defensice work to do to start again and again the attacks of the visitors. He however had luck on his side when in the 13th minute a free kick by the Schalkers, shot still from their half of the pitch, bounced initially harmelessly past friend and foe and then went not that wide past our goal. He would have get caught there with quite a nasty surprise. The first scoaring chance which really was worth mentioning was again a chance made by Florian Kringe, whose long-ronge shot was stopped by Heimeroth (16th). In the 19th minute, Kurtulus Özturk fought his way through the defence, crossed into the box to Francis Bugri, who well turned around on the spot in Gerd-Müller style, but unfortunately his shot went wide.

This wasn't the only scene in which Özturk drew attention. Today he played very good. He ran a lot, shook of the markers many a time and often made his adverseries, who met him on the wing, dispair. After the mentioned scene, there was for the first time in the match some atmos in the corner were the Dortmund supporters were standing. Öztürk than asked with demanding gestures for more support and cheers from the BVB fans present. In the 28th minute it was Bugri who again created well a chance for Krine, who however was denied by the Schalke shot-stopper. In the 43rd minute then our lads finally managed to make the score appropriate to the run of play. Öztürk had left his position on the right wing for a corner kick. He sliced the ball toward's Pinske's head, and all Heimeroth could do was to pounch the ball to Bugri's feet, who, well mannered said 'thankyou' by scoring on the rebound. As they say, at a psychologically very good moment in the match, just before the break.

Without changes in the line-up, BVB came back out of the dressing room and re-started right the way they had playey before the interval. A fine long-range shot by Florian Kringe couldn't be caught by Schalke's keeper, and an opurtunist poacher by Conor Casey (52nd) put BVB 2 goals up, thus adding a sixt goal to Casey's goal tally in the current season.

In the 63rd minute, Florian Kringe helped out in the defence, but the Schalke attackers unfortunately out-ran him and so Filip Troja managed to change the score to 1-2. From then on, the Schalkers acted with better concentration and not as hectically as before. Nonetheless, they still ran frequently into the offside trap. If points would be awarded for being offside, FC Schalke would already have won promotion.

In the 70th minute, Ratajczak had to pull out a good save to stop which had much momentum. His reflexes allowed him to get a hand at the ball. An equaliser definately wouldn't have done our team any good. Michael Kügler then was finally back from this ban and in the side again, he had been brought on for Achenbach. After the ball had been back-heeled to him by Bugri, he failed to convert a scoring chance in the 83rd minute. The scene had been preceded by a long, fine pass from Conor Casey into Bugri in the forward line.

The result of thegame then was clear for good when Conor Casey a short time afterwards converted a handball penalty in his, meanwhile well-known, typical manner with stepping hardly any distance back before kicking the ball into the net to put the score to 1-3. Heimeroth managed to touch the ball a bit, but the shot was well aimed and went into the (seen from Casey's position) right corner. Conor Casey then even had a chance to score his 8th goal in this season, but his effort, one minute from time, hit the post.

The match ended, typically, with the home team offside. After this, finally, the game was over! The players of BVB after the ref had blown the full-time whistle were happy as little children about their win against the 'suburb team'. Everyone of them exchange a high five with the supporters, and together they celebrated doing the wave.

After this match, not having lost any points so far in the whole season, and this against the biggest promotion rival, hangers on Schalke, one might be tempted to ask is there anything left to stop the Dortmunders?

The only answer can be, this team, which convinced today in every aspect, can only beat itself. Just don't get arrogant, don't drop attention and effort, provided they stick to it then nothing is between them and a succesful year.

Horst Köppel, visibly relieved, said after the match: "I'm happy with the match. In the first have we played very well, have scored then after the break the important second goal, got into some slight problems after Schalke's goal, but after the score was 1-3 everything was settled. We won't get to excited about our own performance now, there's now reason for that. We will go on to play with concentration on Sunday, because we now have a lead we don't want to spoil."

In the next match, BVB Amateurs will play on Sunday in Herne against SC Westfalia 04, who currently are 8th in the table. It would be fine if our time would get support by many and active fans.

gates: 800

BVB: Ratajczak - Thorwart, Abel, Sahin - Öztürk (74th Gambo), Kringe, Mehnert, Pinske, Achenbach (64th Kügler) - Casey, Bugri (86th Wersching). - goals: 0-1 Bugri (42nd), 0-2 Casey (52nd ), 1-2 Trojan (63rd), 1:3 Casey handball penalty (84th).

best players: Thorwart, Öztürk


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