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Stevic-parttime worker

Startbeitrag von newsticker am 14.09.2001 18:21

Dortmund: The midfielder gave the sign for the catch up hunt after his fielding in Kiew. Stevic, the unsatisfied part time worker.

Even the supporters of Schalke didn't know what to say. There he stood in front of her terrace, Micky Stevic with an megaphone in his hand shouting the name of the club, which is not just liked in Gelsenkirchen. And, when he did that, he grinned and that is rather rare in our days, which are, for football reasons, rather hard.

From the professional of the first elven, who produced, at the opening of the Arena AufSchalke the described incident, has become a parttime worker with more and more reducing reserves of happinesss. Only in Berlin (2:0 and at the blackout at Wolfsburg (0:1) he was part of the first eleven- the exception of a rule, which hits him more than he likes to admit.


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