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BVB Amateurs (with Dede’s brother) win against Lengerich 5-2

Startbeitrag von NEWS TICKER am 17.09.2001 16:18

original German language text by Schwatzgelb.de editor Tommes

Horst Köppel’s boys got over last week’s defeat against Herne quite well and gave visitors Preußen Lengerich not the slightest chance. Even with a somewhat relaxed attitude, they gained a deserved 5-2 win (2-1 score at half-time) in front of 230, defending their first place in Oberliga Westfalen.

Against his usual habits, coach Horst Köppel had changed the team on several positions. Instead of Björn Mehnert, whose role in the team was taken this time by Florian Kringe, Basiru Gambo was in the starting 11. Kurtulus Öztürk, who had had to come off in the latest match due to injury, sat on the subs bench. Emanuel Krontriris was back in the Amateurs’s side for this match too. Surprisingly in the squad too was Leandro - brother of BVB pro Leonardo Dede - who got the player’s license by the association on Friday.

The coaches’s statements before the match were extremely opposite. Whereas Köppel was impressed with the visitors’s defence, Lengerich’s coach Jürgen Gessat hoped to get no stuffing.

In the 2nd minute, Krontriris had the first scoring chance in this match. After a cross from Conor Casey his header was saved by Carsten Potthoff. Florian Kringe hasn’t been luckier, his long-range shot from 20 metres went wide (6th). Basiru Gambo’s effort was better. Being absolutely unmarked, his header from some 11 metres went over keeper Potthoff and into the top left corner. No dangerous efforts from Lengerich up to then. It looked like the second goal was only a matter of time, if only there hadn’t been that misunderstanding in the 19th minute. A long pass from the visitors, BVB keeper Ratajczak, who wants to support his team mates with passes, is positioned before the box and tries to head the ball away. But it bounces over him and Markus Fischer who comes running towards him has no problem to net in, thus setting the score level. Cheering from visiting fans from Lengerich.

In the following stages, BVB’s attack got stuck again and again in the visitors’s defence, until Francis Bugri finally mangages to get through and after a fine run scores to put Borussia one up again. In the remainder of the first half, at last the high class technical skills of Dortmund’s “Under-20“ side could be seen. Even although this didn’t lead to any goals before the break, it made the supporters feel optimistically about the second half.

Just one minute after re-start, Florian Kringe added another goal with a long-range shot from 20 metres into the bottom right corner, setting the score to 3-1 and giving the visitors’s keeper no chance.

In the 56th minute it was Florian Thorwart who, to the surprise Lengerichs defence, managed to stop the ball after a long pass just before it crossed the by-line, and who then, almost already flat on the ground, managed to score with a header through the arms of the beaten keeper Potthoff. 4-1.

The 5th goal was scored again by Conor Casey, who after a cross from Pinske scored with a mighty header (65th minute).

After that the matter was settled for the Borussians. They didn’t run too much from then on. The opponent, who then only wanted to keep the score down, withdraw further into their half. In the only controversial scene of the match, the visitors however scored their second goal from a position that looked quite like offside (Solbach, 88th minute). This goal then put the final result to a 5-2.

gates: 230

BVB: Ratajczak - Sahin (71st Leandro Dede), Abel, Thorwart - Pinske, Achenbach (71st Öztürk), Gambo, Kringe (76th Rotholz) Bugri - Casey, Krontiris.


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