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detailed info on Ewerthon, the Brazilian BVB plan to sign

Startbeitrag von NEWS TICKER am 21.09.2001 14:21

Name: Henrique Souza EWERTHON
Current Club: Corinthians (Bra)
Nationality: Brazil
Date of Birth: 06/10/81
Position: Forward
Previous Clubs: None
International Status: Senior International
Height/Weight: 1.75/65

Comments: "Talented forward Ewerthon was the joint top-scorer of the recent South-American U-20 Championship together with Brazil strike-partner Adriano. The two young sensations formed a deadly partnership and led Brazil to first place in the tournament which awarded them a place in the U-20 World Cup in Argentina. And indeed, Ewerthon and Adriano complement each other fantastically. While Adriano is a big old-fashioned style centre-forward, Ewerthon is a lightning-fast, nippy forward who loves to burst forward with the ball. Ewerthon has fantastic, close control and good dribbling skills. He breezes past defenders with ease and creates many goal-scoring opportunities for himself. The downside of his game is being a bit too selfish at times and wasting many goal-scoring chances. He’s not too strong as well. However, Ewerthon is still young and has a lot of time to work on his game and improve it."

Bundesliga rivals Bayer Leverkusen are interested in signing Ewerthon, too.


the deal is sealed

BVB chairman Gerd Niebaum anounced in today's press conference the signing of 20-years-old Ewerthon from Corinthians. He wil join the team on Monday. BVB can't, however, field him in the Champions League before January, until then he can play in Bundesliga matches only.

von NEWS TICKER - am 22.09.2001 21:22
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