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Dortmund looks to win the race about Kehl

Startbeitrag von Jakob am 19.12.2001 17:47

Finally it lokks like that BVB will win the race about Kehl. I read on onefootball.com that Bayerns lawyer had advised them to drop Kehl so Dortmund looks like getting Kehl in winter break.


We from schwatzgelb.de cannot confirm that information yet. The latest information we have says that he (Kehl) is still undecided which club he should join. One collegue of the german part of schwatzgelb.de talked to him directly and he said he would make his decision in a few days after some time to think about all this in the hills of Austria.

von kha - am 19.12.2001 20:06
Kehl's heart isn't into Borussia obviously.if Bayern doesn't want him,what other choice is better than Borussia(although Borussia is better than baysuck too!!).

He obviously had his heart set on Bayern which is unfornate cause it would be great to have him at Borussia.

And Borussia still needs to get a defender who can mark an opponents striker out of the game and is good in the air to replace Kohler(preferavbly one with pace),unless you guys think Metzelder can be this player.

And screw gettin Silva(esp if kehl signs),get Alex from Cruziero if your going to get another Brazillian!! :P

Spend Spend Spend !!!! Too bad it's not my money ^^


von JgRoller - am 19.12.2001 21:51
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