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Today's match

Startbeitrag von Sulke (staff) am 16.02.2002 16:22

In today's match Borussia Dortmund couldn't defeat our "friends" from Schlacke 04 and so the final score was 1-1. The goals were scored by Oude Kamphuis for Schlacke (17) and Ewerthon for Borussia (50).

Match report follows!


Is it my imagination or does Dortmund really seem to have trouble getting that second goal against the higher level teams(on the brightside,they don't give up more than one usually either)

For you guys that see the games,does Dortmund play a much more timid game against high grade opponents?

Obviously it's harder to score against the better teams,was just wondering though.


von JgRoller - am 16.02.2002 16:44
I don't believe it is like that. It is just so, that the "higher" teams aren't too easy to defeat, most of the time you can be happy to score one goal. They defend better. I didn't see today's match yet, but I gues we played as offense as always.

von kha(staff) - am 16.02.2002 17:24
i watched the match live on tv.actually we dominated the match at most of the time. the schalke's goal was caused by position error from Metzelder. although Lehmann swept the ball brilliantly, Kamphuis shot it into the net.

we played well in the front. nobody shine specticularly but all of their performance were good. it's a little bit unlucky not to win this match. especially it is not so much chance we can dominate the play against the top teams.

the schalke played just like the previous match. they jammed the space at the back, and gave the ball to Moller to start the counter attack. but the attack of yesterday dortmund was much more better and in good system. also, Kehl was good to stop the initialization of the schalke's counter attack. one more thing, they were without their high-speed Mpenza.

von Yick-Hong Lam - am 17.02.2002 07:25
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