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in amature team, who?

Startbeitrag von doby am 29.11.2002 11:37

in amature team, who is the most likely to be played regulary in the professional team?





von YickHong Lam - am 30.11.2002 06:52
casey? when will he back to BVB?

von doby - am 30.11.2002 11:51
-at the moment it's probably leandro de deus santos, the brother of dede.
he was in the auxerre starting lineup.

-at the moment odonkor, achenbach, thorwart have no chance to play regulary for the first team. maybe as subs for the last minutes.

-krontiris is top scorer for the amateurs in the regionalliga (3. division) and maybe he's the next to step up to the pro's

-demel had his chance in auxerre but didn't impressed very much......ok, he was lousy

-kringe is playing for cologne till 2004 and then returns to bvb (his contract expires 2005 or 2006). cologne is playing in the 2. bundesliga and kringe is making most of the games as a starter in the first eleven.
so he's doing ver well in is often praised by his team manager.

-casey is lent out by hannover till 2003 but he doesn't play very often.

von jonam - am 30.11.2002 16:35
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